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Hey there, I'm Jimmy Pham, and my love for photography began with a trusty Sony camera, capturing cherished family trips and holiday memories. In high school, I took on the role of chief editor for the yearbook, where I documented school activities, soccer matches, and basketball games.


During my college days, photography remained a passionate hobby, but it all changed when I got my first gig – covering a birthday event for my landlord. That was the moment I earned my first $100 from photography. Exciting opportunities followed, and I found myself providing photography coverage for DC Swim Week during my internship, which led to a flood of leads for event photography.


Fast forward to 2018, and I decided to take a leap and launch my very own photography business. It started as a side hustle, mainly focusing on portrait photography, event photography for nightlife EDM concerts and weddings, but soon it expanded into food photography and real estate shoots. Meanwhile, I was also working full-time as a marketer for a real estate broker and a home improvement company. When the Covid-19 pandemic hit, I saw an opportunity to further develop my skills in videography. I collaborated with the talented artist Maestro the Cellist, creating three music videos that significantly boosted his Instagram following from 3K to 12K by 2023.


For the past couple of years since 2020, I've been making the transition to fully dedicating myself to my own business. Now, I specialize in shooting wedding films, combining my passion for storytelling and visual artistry. 


And here I am today – a full-time content creator based in the DMV area. It's funny how life can take unexpected turns, and I never imagined becoming a photographer would lead me to where I am now. But I couldn't be more grateful for this amazing career and the incredible places it has taken me so far.Here's to the journey ahead, and I'm excited to see where it leads next.



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