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A Magical Wedding Celebration: Deborah & Nathan's Unforgettable Day

Deborah and Nathan's love story blossomed into a beautiful union at the charming Rolling Road Golf Club in Catonsville, Maryland. Their wedding, held on a crisp December day in 2022, was a remarkable celebration filled with heartfelt moments and joyful memories. Join us as we take a closer look at their enchanting wedding album and captivating highlight film.

Deborah and Nathan's vows were a testament to their deep connection and unwavering love. Nathan expressed how he knew from their first night hanging out in Germany that Deborah was the one. He recounted their journey, from sharing life stories while ice skating to their movie nights and Bible studies, all of which solidified the foundation of their relationship. Nathan's heartfelt gratitude towards Deborah and her parents for their trust and love filled the room with warmth. Deborah's vows beautifully encapsulated their unique journey. She recalled the early days of their meeting in a different country, the blizzard-hot chocolate moment, and their adventures in Romania and beyond. Deborah acknowledged Nathan's quiet nature but celebrated the privilege of experiencing his full range of love, silliness, and devotion. She spoke of their shared ministry, their commitment to God, and the exciting path that lay ahead.

The Rolling Road Golf Club provided the perfect backdrop for Deborah and Nathan's country club-style wedding. Nestled in the heart of Catonsville, this picturesque venue set the stage for an unforgettable day filled with love and happiness.

Vendor List:

  • Cake Service: The Passion Bakery Cafe

  • Florist: My Enchanted Florist

Deborah and Nathan's wedding day was a reflection of their love, shared dreams, and the faith that bound them together. The wedding album and highlight film serve as a testament to the joyous celebration that unfolded at the Rolling Road Golf Club. As Deborah and Nathan embark on this beautiful journey as a married couple, their memories and the captured moments will forever serve as a reminder of their profound love.

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